We Chicagoans are a stylish bunch.  Whether brunchin’ or club hoppin’ we love to keep it fashionable.  Even our casual looks are all about making a statement.  Thankfully, Chicago’s apparel brands are answering the call with message wear that let’s us “speak” our mind while matching our fly.  Here are 7 Chicago-Based Tee and Sweatshirt Brands You Should Know:

Photo: The Chic Shirt Shop

Chic Shirt Shop

Check your Instagram and you’re bound to find a proud Chicagoan rockin’ a Chic Shirt Shop fit in your timeline.  From its “She From Chicago” and “Chicago Girl” hoodies, to its Brown Skinned Girl” tees, the Chic Shirt Shop wears are all the rage. The Chic Shirt Shop definitely keeps message wear very cute.  Get your Chic Shirt Shop piece at chicshirtshop.com.

Photo: Fashion Geek

Fashion Geek

To find a brand that has truly set itself apart, look no further than Fashion Geek. With its minimalist design and bold colors, the line of clothing, shoes and accessories has become one of the most popular and discernable brands in Chicago Street wear.   “Geek” is so hot that earlier this year, the brand dropped its highly anticipated collaboration with Puma.  This past Sunday, Owner/CEO Alonzo Jackson received the 2019 Trendsetter Award from Surround Sound of Fashion.  Find out more about Fashion Geek at http://www.alonzojackson.com.

Merch by B Davis Designs
Photo: Merch by B Davis Designs

Merch by B Davis Designs                       

Colorful, fun and motivational statement wear that stands out…. That’s what you’ll find with Merch by B Davis Designs. Inspired by her journey back from a devastating injury, Graphic and web designer B. Davis created an apparel line 

that inspires through life’s many challenges and celebrates us.  The wide-ranging brand features collections “Unstoppable” “Confidence” and “For the Culture.”  And there are plenty of cool designs to choose from. 

Get your merch from designer B Davis at www.merchbybdavisdesigns.com

Photo: N’Genious Creations

N’Genious Creations

A veteran in the T-shirt game, N’Genious features a wide array of tees and  sweatshirts to choose from.  Get into the “Chicago By Nature” sweatshirt, or the Black Icon Series tees that make a statement without saying a word.  N’Genious Creations also specializes in custom t-shirts.  Find out more at www.ngeniouscreations.com.


So many cool tees, so little time. Whether you’re looking to rep the culture, show your creative side, or display your Chicago pride, Philosofher has a tee for you.  This Philosofher philosophy: celebrating the life of, the love of creatives and women.”  And Philosofher is more than just tees.  The brand also features baby apparel, stationery and other novelties.  Find our more about Philosofher at http://www.philosofher.com.

Photo: The Creative Connection

The Creative Collection

The folks at The Creative Collection pride themselves on creating “Conscious dope apparel.”  For every purchase from The Creative Collection, a portion of sales sponsor funding and expansion of performing arts programs in undeserved communities. 

The Creative Collection offers T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and accessories for men, women and kids. Babies can even rock their “Dope Kid” bodysuits and bibs.  Grab your Creative Collection gear at http://www.shopcreativecollection .com 

Photo: Urban Soul

Urban Soul Apparel and Lifestyle Co.

Urban Soul is one brand that is definitively for the culture.  Specializing in “soulful uplifting” apparel, Urban Soul’s “Melanin” tees and “Black Don’t Crack” jackets send a clear and powerful message.  Show your Black pride with a piece from Urban Soul at http://www.urbanziel.com



  1. This is awesome! I forwarded to Alonzo. 🙂 I’m sure he’ll appreciate the promo.

  2. This is so awesome!! I no longer live in Chicago but I grew up in Chicago attended school, college and worked and raised my children there!! It will always be home!! I so excited about seeing African Americans sharing their business ideas!! I plan to share this sight and support each vendor!! Thank you guys!! You Rock!!

  3. Thank you! We love sharing our awesome Black Owned businesses. And they would love to have your support.
    Thanks for commenting.

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