Global Attic LLC Founder Kabria Cummings 

When Kabria Cummings arrives for our morning meeting, she’s exactly how you’d picture her. Armed with a friendly smile, and dressed more chicly than Saturday mornings inspire, Cummings is the personification of her brand Global Attic LLC. Global Attic LLC, a Chicago-based exotic home décor brand, specializes in unique one of-a-kind merchandise. Since its inception in August 2016, Global Attic LLC has steadily increased its mark on the Chicago design scene, garnering attention from stylists, designers and buyers alike. Global Attic LLC’s pieces have even been featured on the set of Fox’s Empire TV show.

It’s a wonderful and well-deserved turn of events for Cummings, who just five years ago experienced what would become a tsunami of life changing losses. Beginning in 2013, Cummings endured the loss of both parents- two months apart, the breakup of a long-term relationship and the loss of her 10-year marketing job. “Everything you can imagine that defines your life was caving in all at once. It was incredible.” Cummings shares.

It was this string of events that prompted Cummings to re-evaluate her life and focus on moving forward. While taking a gap year to travel and work on her recovery, the idea for Global Attic took hold. Global Attic became an opportunity to combine everything she loved. “It was the perfect marriage. It allowed me to travel. It allowed me to continue collecting artifacts and decorating like my parents…It allowed me to give back,” reveals Cummings.

Nearing her third year in business, we talk to the busy entrepreneur about her luxe décor brand, her travel loves and more:

How do you define Global Attic LLC?

We curate merchandise that are unique statement pieces that add that last touch to your space. We have merchandise that transforms bland living space, conveys individuality and helps to sustain the global community. Not only are we paying our artisans a fair wage, we’re also helping them with their communities.

How do you curate your collections?

You know so many people are selling global nowadays, that I look for items that I don’t see a lot of. When I see something, I want to think, “Wow, that’s amazing!” I’m always looking for something unique that will attract my own or a buyer’s eye.

What are your favorite places to travel?

I love the Caribbean. My favorite is Anguilla. Most of the people own land there. The slave masters thought the land wasn’t fertile, so when they left, they just gave it away. I think about that and how things are here in the States. The mindset would be different if many had a house and land to start out with. Cuba is another favorite because the people were so welcoming, and I felt safe there. As far as local travel, I love New York. I feel like I should have been born there. From an interior design perspective, they really get the global aesthetic there and are consistently pushing the envelope forward.

What are your favorite places for sourcing?

I love Africa. Africa has everything. I hope to take a sourcing trip to Ghana in August and Senegal in 2020. I just returned from Bali and it is also a wonderful place for finding interesting things.

Ngombe Chair

What has been your favorite find?

Ngombe chairs from the Congo that I found in Kenya. I have two of them in my living room! I always get high off of my own supply. (Laughs)

What’s one design tip you would give to someone who wants to transform their living space?

Don’t be afraid to try something different. Also, it’s ok to mix and match; old-new, modern with antique. Tribal luxe is what we do, which is a fusion of natural or rustic tribal items with more elegant or upscale décor.  However, whatever your vibe, your space should reflect who you are. You should ask yourself what the space says about you. Your personality has to come through.

You mentioned giving back. Tell us about your charitable initiatives?

We do an annual Toys for Tots drive. We make a monthly donation to, an organization that helps underserved high school students to travel abroad and have life-changing experiences. We also give to other organizations like Black Star Project, Yes We Code and The Animal Welfare League throughout the year.

What’s one life lesson you’ve learned from your travels?

Just go into situations ready for whatever. Give yourself space to have a good time. Sometimes people get scared about going certain places. Go and have the experience. I know people who travel and never leave the resort. Go off the grid. That’s when you really learn about the people, the place that you’ve traveled to and yourself!

What’s the future for Global Attic LLC?

The long-term goal is to become the go-to for Global in Chicago. We also want to branch out and open retail locations in Chicago and New York as well. Offering interior design services is another goal. However, in the short term, we will be vending at Randolph Street Market this weekend (May 25-26) located at 1341 W. Randolph Street and participating in The Guild, which is a new pop-up store located in Lincoln Park at 1445 W. Webster Place from June 1 – August 31.

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