Last Thursday night, sounds bumped and cocktails poured as art lovers gathered at Gallery Guichard for their latest exhibit Fingerprints.   Recently showcased at Scope Miami Beach during Art Basel, this traveling showcase features over a dozen artists from across the African Diaspora.

Fingerprints illustrates the vast scope of the Black artistic experience.  As Gallery Guichard co-owner Andre Guichard shares, “We aren’t monolithic. We don’t only create or paint images of ourselves, or Black people.   While we do that well, we also create landscapes, abstracts, (and) amazing sculptures.”

It’s worth your visit, so we won’t give it all away.  Here are just a few pieces from the Fingerprints Exhibit:

What’s Wrong with Groovin’? (What’s Wrong with Livin’?) by Roger Carter




By Alan Emerson Hicks


Evil is Sweet by Quentin Crockett

Fingerprints runs until early April.  Visit Gallery Guichard, located at 436 E. 47th St.


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