Rachel James has always had a serious love for fashion and beauty.

After graduating from Chicago’s International Academy of Design and Technology in 2012, James, who’s also a licensed esthetician, incorporated her nail lacquer line Pear Nova. James’ commitment to creating a top-notch brand led her to Paris, France to attend Cosmetagora; an annual trade show featuring prominent cosmetics companies from around the globe. Armed with knowledge and inspiration, James set out on a 1 ½ year process to bring the product to the masses.

Today, the line of gorgeous crème polishes can be found online at in several locations throughout the country and at www.pearnova.com. And the bonus…. Pear Nova is Cruelty Free, Vegan Free and 5 Free.
We chat with Rachel James, Founder/CEO to talk Pear Nova, and what’s hot for fall.

Rachel James via Instagram

1. You graduated from the International Academy of Design and Tech.  What inspired you to start a nail brand? (As opposed to fashion)
I started a nail lacquer line because I believe nails are fashion. I believe they’re art. I believe they’re beauty. I graduated from the Aveda Institute Chicago and obtained an estheticians license prior to studying fashion so Pear Nova fell right in the middle of fashion, art and beauty.

2. Why the name Pear Nova?
I could never think of a more beautiful name besides Nova to create under.

3. You create custom colors- how do you choose your color palette for each season?
I choose the colors for each palette different ways each time. The runway is always the main influence because I make sure to see what designers are producing each season. Outside of that I’m influenced heavily by music, Chicago, traveling, art and everyday life. Most recently I fell in love with a moss shade and immediately 3 other shades came to mind that I thought would look great as fall garments. I see my nail shades as garments and like to imagine a woman going to her closet to pick out a Pear Nova color palette.
4. What are some of the obstacles you’ve experienced in creating a beauty brand?
Figuring out the best way to create exactly what I envision with all of the resources I need to do so is something I still struggle with. That may be because some of my ideas are so over the top, but I know I will get there.

5. What factors have been key in your success?
Having lots of artists and super intelligent, successful men and women in my family.

6.  If you could choose one celebrity to rock Pear Nova on the red carpet, who would it be? 
Tracee Ellis Ross. I’ve created colors and designed faux nails with her beauty, intelligence, humor, closet and hair in mind.
7. We’re now into September, what’s hot for fall?
Moss. (smiles)

8. What advice would you give a young entrepreneur coming into the beauty game?
Have a clear vision for your brand, study your potential customers, study the industry constantly & have confidence.

9. What’s next for Pear Nova?
I’ll be dropping 3-4 new shades for fall. Shortly after, Pear Nova will have its first sample sale. Check the Instagram for upcoming details @pearnova

Find out more about Pear Nova at www.pearnova.com



  1. Cindi Lesczynski

    You are awesome Rachel!! Love the colors of your nail polish and I love how beautifully it goes on. Everyone should be buying Pear Nova, keep up the good work!!

  2. Tamika Price

    Purchased a few colors from her at an event and love the line. Wearing some on my toes now 😀

  3. A. D. Thomas

    She has great colors. Can’t wait to see the Fall colors.

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