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In the midst of summer’s sweltering temps, a heavy stick-to-your-ribs meal may not be on the menu. Fortunately, Chicago’s reputation for great food is well deserved, and there is no shortage of light and healthy options.
Here are 4 healthy-eating options to get your grub on:
1) Ain’t She Sweet Café– This popular eatery in Bronzeville serves up tasty sandwiches, wraps and paninis, as well as hearty salads and soups. And if you’re feenin’ for something sweet, you can sip on one of the healthy smoothie options; or yes, break your diet with a slice of pound cake.
Ain’t She Sweet also offers a Daily Lunch Special and special discounts based on occupation.
Ain’t She Sweet Café is located at 526 E 43rd S.
2) Chef Sara’s Café– On the far East side, in a locale so quaint you’d almost miss it, is Chef Sara’s Café. This family-run neighborhood restaurant is owned by Chef Sara Phillips. And no, the “Chef” in Chef Sara’s is not a euphemism; Chef Sara received her degree in Culinary Arts/Chef Training from The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago.   Her professional training is put to good use, as Chef Sara serves fresh, healthy food options that take a bit of time, but are worth the wait. Food options include salads, sandwiches and paninis. And if you’re looking for a good burger, don’t sleep on Chef Sara’s Turkey Burger (a personal favorite)- which I hear can only be outdone by the Salmon Burger- a customer favorite.
Chef Sara’s good food and friendly neighborhood vibe are hard to beat.
Check out Chef Sara’s Café in the South Shore community at 7201 S. Exchange.
3) Litehouse Whole Food Grill– Litehouse Whole Food Grill is proof that eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing taste. This Hyde Park eatery is highly regarded for its delicious, organic whole food. Menu choices include wraps, salads, vegetable bowls, burritos, tacos and pizza. Blackbusiness.org named it as one of the “Top 5 Black-Owned restaurants in Chicago.” To try: the Cranberry Chicken Wrap.
Litehouse Whole Food Grill is located at 1373 E 53rd St.,
4) Soul Vegetarian- In an industry where longevity is rare, Soul Vegetarian has been a mainstay. And it’s no wonder. Soul Vegetarian has served authentic, healthy vegetarian and vegan soul food for over 30 years. Yes, that’s right. That’s 100% plant based, animal & chemical Free. The lasagna, Mac N’Cheese and Collard Greens are popular picks. Soul Vegetarian also houses the Eternity Juice Bar which serves juices, shakes and deli options.
Soul Vegetarian is located at 203 E. 75th street.


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